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Leading Edge-- Controlled Growing Environment.  Rivals any facility, anywhere.

Each GrowTruck Mobile Growing Unit is engineered to maximize healthy plant production and represents nothing short of a statement about sustainable crop production.  The virtual elimination of pests that can destroy a crop mean greater overall yields of top-quality produce and other plants, and less loss means more real revenue.  A huge benefit of the controlled environment is the dramatic reduction in water usage to grow equivalent crops as with traditional soil farming.  Approximately 97% LESS WATER USAGE than soil  

 Movable Indoor Aeroponic Growing Facilities.  Many Benefits over traditional farming operations.




Consider Our Staff your own Board of Advisors.

Whether you are growing organic heirloom tomatoes, flowering hibiscus, butter lettuce, strawberries or tall plants with magnificent blooms, we have knowledgeable trained and experienced staff to assist you in getting maximum performance from your investment in a GrowTruck.

Training is included.  Operations.  Safety.  Food Security.

We understand most of our customers may have years of successful experience in growing all sorts of crops.  We appreciate that fact, coming from that background as well.  We also know we would be remiss if we did not provide full training in the specific function of each component of your GrowTruck. On-site training is available to you on a cost-only basis.  Printed and electronic Safety, Food Security and Operations Manuals in both English and Spanish are included.  And, switches, valves and controls are labeled in English and Spanish.

Each GrowTruck     comes with a Full One Year Warranty.

When you build a great product, we believe you should stand behind it.  And we do.  Every GrowTruck comes with a One Year Warranty covering Materials and Workmanship.  All components carry their respective manufacturer warranty as well.  Please read our Warranty Coverage Specification Sheet for complete details.




Professional Grade Equipment.

Each GrowTruck is built to the highest standards for ease-of-use, straightforward design, easy maintenance, and safe use. 

No Building Permits to worry about.  This is your equipment, not a landlord's real estate.

If you are weighing all your costs and potential "headaches" to operate, and particularly getting building permits for improvements to some landlord's property, consider the fact none of that exists when you invest in a GrowTruck.  And, No Rent to pay.  You own it. 

Food Security.  A Hot Topic, and Solved with your GrowTruck   unit.

By placing a GrowTruck directly at the Point Of Sale location, many flaws in the traditional grow / harvest / auction / delivery system are solved. 

Your GrowTruck     will have RE-SALE VALUE.

As any smart business person knows, capital investments in plant and equipment can many times lead to a near total loss when the day comes to sell a business or move on for whatever reason.  Remember that you will own an operational income producing machine, which will have value when or if that day comes. 

GrowTrucks     Offer Tremendous Growing Capacity Per Square Foot.  Can you say R.O.I.?

Packed inside each style of growing unit is a complete commercial scale system.  From seed sprouting to planting, to harvesting and completing the cycle over and over again, you will appreciate what goes into your GrowTruck when we build it for you.  This includes extremely high plant counts per square foot for every type of growing, because the technology in our design allows for it.  Translation: reliable YEAR AROUND income.  Year after Year.  How does 6,000 to nearly 9,000 heads of leafy green lettuce every 3 weeks sound?  Or, flowering plant production that is simply off the charts?  When you run the numbers, you will agree it just makes a great business investment.  Investment payback in under one year.  Contact us to show you how. 

GrowTrucks    Offer Total Growing Freedom.    Urban or Rural.  Year-Round Growing.

This statement means a number of things.  Yes, our portable growing units offer unparalleled mobility by their very nature.  But, they offer much more.  We have spent thousands of hours painstakingly engineering and experimenting with different styles and the components that make up those styles, drawing on 30-plus years of agricultural and construction experience.  The results are multiple patented movable indoor farms.  This means you are assured of receiving a portable growing unit that will perform in the specific area of horticulture or agriculture you or your company are involved in, and at the end of the day, it is all about performance, right?

Why GrowTrucks    are a compelling investment

Our investment in Research and development means you win.