TESTING FINALIZED. Everyone loves strawberries, so do we.  We've tested our vertical aeroponic growing equipment in our controlled farm environment, and now we can provide you with a Strawberry Farm like no other!  How does 325 productive strawberry plants in 10 square feet sound? Yes!

Check out our available farm models:

Various Crops We Have Grown In A GrowTruck,and You Can Too:

If you are serious about operating A

Small footprint cea farm, you have found the best there is. period.

THE TOMATO MACHINE--                      NoW AVAILABLE

TESTING FINALIZED. Our horizontally configured aeroponic system grows tomato plants extremely fast,  Final testing underway of the best lighting system for our environment, and we are accepting orders now for production tomato farms like no other!  .

As a core mission during our R&D process, we ​were focused on ensuring that whatever complete system we came up with, all of which is designed around our proprietary aeroponic vertical growing equipment, it would be a farm that was easy to operate, that non-farmers could have fun with and the net result would be a financially meaningful experience.  It really is fun, and it really is easy.  It is all designed that way.  On the other hand, if you are an experienced producer, you will totally appreciate the professional grade, reliable equipment at your fingertips in one of our farms. All farms come with complete training.

What can you grow and do you need extensive farming experience?

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THE MICROGREEN MACHINE--               now in production

Does your market area have a need for pure natural microgreens grown in the perfect environment, in commercial quantities?  We have developed an awesome microgreen farm that will  produce a serious amount of these delicious, premium varieties of young greens. .  .


1.  You can grow virtually any Leafy Green, Herbs, Brassicas, and, if you want to grow lots more-- you can have an affordable farm designed specifically for commercial scale growing of Strawberries, Chili Pepper varieties and Cherry or Plum size Tomatoes.

2. No!  You don't need 20 years of farming experience to easily and profitably operate one of our portable farm platforms!


Are you a gourmet mushroom grower, or do you want to be?  Mushrooms are not a challenge with the right, precise environment, which we have designed with the help of true experts in the mushroom cultivation field.  .


Models with nearly 9,000 heads per cycle, 15 cycles per year.  Grow the most popular, great tasting premium all-natural leafy greens, brassicas and herbs. Rest assured our proprietary aeroponic system will get the job done, at 40 plants per square foot, year after year. Priced from $72,000 to about $114,000 USD.  

PROVEN DURING NEARLY 4 YEARS OF R&D GROWING--   Nothing else comes close.

NOTE:  When we release a farm for production, it means it has been tested for growing characteristics, meeting our internal standards, which means you are receiving a farm worthy of our brand name.

Do you need a bunch of agricultural experience?  No! 

The Long Answers:


TESTING FINALIZED. We have released our Vertical Aeroponic Pepper farm that grows high yields of pepper plants in small spaces extremely fast.  We are now accepting orders for production pepper farms like no other!  .