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Our unique 40' Shipping Container portable farms feature our patented Aeroponic Vertical Grow System, with a plant capacity of up to 6,160 plants (leafy greens).  With a grow  / harvest cycle of 3 weeks+-, you have solid profit potential from 15 cycles in a year around perfect growing environment. Our Vertical Aeroponic platforms also grow Strawberries and Pepper varieties in abundance! Learn More Today.


Our unique 40' Shipping Container farm configured with our horizontal aeroponic system provides for between 300 and 1,300 plant growing capacity designed for maximum yields and optimum growing cycles- perfect for Tomato growers and Horticultural growers!



If you are serious about operating a

small footprint CEA farm, you have found the best there is. period.


  • The perfect growing environment for whatever you are growing. 
  • Each unit is custom designed for the particular application, and optimum growth and maximum harvest yields-- fully self contained farms. 
  • CO2 regulator, where applicable for horticultural or fruit bearing growers.
  • Full Automated Climate Control System with numerous fans for proper and desirable air movement and filtered fresh air exchange as needed.
  • Fully adjustable LED Lighting systems featuring the proper PAR spectrum for the crop you are growing, and less monthly electric costs than other lighting.
  • Nutrient Delivery and Monitoring Systems digitally controlled and optimized for water savings and fool-proof reliability. All-Natural Mineral Infusion system.
  • Fire Suppression equipment.
  • Quick-disconnect power and water connections.
  • Stainless Steel work areas.  Worker Safety is engineered in.
  • All components are premium trusted brands, no matter what level you buy.


These are our premier growing platforms, and they include our patented Vertical Aeroponic systems.  They incorporate precision controlled misting of nutrient and water solution in a soil-less growing system for maximum nutritionally dense plant growth performance. The system is fully recirculating, uses a fraction of the water used in soil grown crops, and the taste of our veggies can not be beat. At up to 40 healthy, happy plant sites per square foot of growing area, with no ladders, and easy to use, our proprietary equipment is simply unmatched.

The Ultimate in expandability, if you have an eye toward expanding your business size in one location, the GrowTruck Container-based aeroponic farm modules can be the way to go.

The container series of our growing facilities use our patented cutting-edge growing technology, designed to give you years of trouble free service.  Unique to this style is the ease of expansion, with maximum plants per square foot, and easy addition of multiple units horizontally, as well as vertically-- they are stackable!  Everyone knows people have been using containers for growing for many years, perhaps a couple decades-- but we have perfected it in a unique way.



All GrowTrucks Feature VIDEO Cams-- The Best 24/7 live video monitoring system--protecting your investment

6,160 plants, turn-key about $14.50 /plant site?  Yes! achieve investment payback in under 2 years

What Can You Grow Exceptionally Well in a GrowTruck?

Specialty GRowing SySTEMS

Want to specialize in Gourmet Mushrooms?  How about a commercial-scale Microgreen or Wheatgrass Farm?  Do you raise livestock and want to feed them phenomenal supplementation for maximum health and vibrancy? We can build you a "Fodder Farm" that will be economical and produce massive quantities each day and week. We have developed specially designed units for these applications. Just contact us to learn more.