Q:  How did GrowTrucks    come about?

GrowTrucks as a company is the natural outgrowth of over seven years of ongoing development of secure indoor farming methods and techniques.  After spending several years since 2007 developing systems, our co-founder, Ron Evans, was asked in 2010 by a humanitarian organization tackling the Haiti earthquake disaster relief to develop systems that addressed serious needs.  This included creating a recurring supply of fresh food in a secure environment that would be quickly available to the people for consumption. 

Q: What made the creation of GrowTrucks    so important?

The co-founders are each tremendously passionate about the entire indoor food movement, and have multi-generational family backgrounds in commercial farming in the U.S. Heartland.  The  benefits of indoor farming are truly amazing, and the benefits of the unique designs, systems, and growing devices we have invented are the driving force behind GrowTrucks-- nothing else in the marketplace is as comprehensive, or well-developed, as what we have developed.  The owners each have over 20 years of experience in growing crops, and Ron has over 10 years in operating hydroponic and aquaponic growing systems and over 7 years in designing functional, high yield farms in small spaces.  In addition, the owners each have noteworthy backgrounds operating successful regional, national and international businesses across multiple industries, including manufacturing, product design and development, and civil and structural engineering construction projects of scale.  This means you are doing business with people that are versed in this arena more than virtually anyone else engaged in it.

We have years of experience in farming, in hydroponics, aquaponics, including growing wheatgrass and microgreens, in a variety of controlled environments.  Here, we have applied our knowledge of hydroponics and aquaponics growing methods, and developed an exciting line of patent pending movable indoor growing environments--Box Trucks, Semi Trailers, and Freight Containers that are re-purposed to bring you an excellent business investment.  By using a combination of industry-proven standards that have been around for years, as well as our own patent pending proprietary vertical farming methods and growing devices, we enable robust crop yields that make the acquisition and operation of a GrowTruck mobile growing unit a very wise choice among what is offered today for indoor growing.  For vertical farming, no one comes close to our production per square foot of leafy greens, due to what we have developed.

Q:  Can I visit your facility?

Yes!  You may visit us and inspect our fully functional Demonstration Farm.  Then, after an order is placed and your deposit is received as a bona-fide customer, we can also arrange a time for you and a guest to visit our facility and you can see your unit in production.  As a bonus, you'll be visiting sunny Las Vegas, Nevada!

Q:  What do GrowTrucks cost?

GrowTruck vertical aeroponic farms range from about $56,000 to around $110,000, depending upon configuration, and style of unit.  There are no hidden charges, this is a complete farm. There are certain options some customers choose to fit their situation or desires that are additional cost.

Q:  How do you accept payment?

Our payment terms are:  60% deposit upon signing of your purchase order, via wire transfer.  The next 25% is due upon completion of interior components; and the final 15% payment is due just prior to delivery of your unit.  There are alternative Loan Packages available for qualified buyers. We are working on offering more financing options at this time, and will announce when available.

Q:  Do you deliver the GrowTruck to me?

Freight costs for all units is paid separately by the customer, from our plant in Las Vegas.  We will coordinate your delivery 100%, and obtain transportation expense quotes for you.  You are also welcome to arrange your own transport of your GrowTruck.

Q:  How much does it cost to operate a GrowTruck?

Annual operating costs for your GrowTruck will range between $15,000 and $40,000 per year, complete.  This can vary depending on your chosen style, size of unit, and any labor costs.  Every GrowTruck is designed to produce crops that yield a solid income relative to the investment made, when operated properly.

Q:  Where can I locate my GrowTruck?

Anywhere you have access to potable water and electricity from a reliable source, subject to your local regulations.  The technology allows exceptional pesticide free, healthy crop production in any location, anytime of the year, with very little water usage.  We feature options that can allow a GrowTruck to be located and operated completely "Off The Grid", if you want to.

Q:  Can I operate the GrowTruck using Solar power?

We offer an option for Solar supplementation that will reduce the overall need for an outside power source, and further reduce your operating costs. If cost is not an issue (but it normally is!) your farm can be fully operated on alternative energy.

Q:  Can I operate the GrowTruck remotely?

Yes!  We feature a digital control system that allows access via the internet, with internal video feed so you can physically see what is happening in your GrowTruck at any given moment, and monitor each component to ensure safe and continual performance to maximize crop yield. This is a working farm however, and does require attention daily! It does not run itself.

Q: What can I grow in a GrowTruck?

Highest density healthy, productive vertical commercial scale growing, up to 40 plants per square foot of:

                Leafy Greens                  Herbs                      Brassicas

                Peppers- nearly all varieties                         Strawberries- any variety

                Cherry sized Tomatoes

For more information, please send us an email at info@growtrucks.com or call us: 702-664-1236

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