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As we spread the word about GrowTrucks, one of our missions is to help areas of the U.S. and around the world in a determined effort to achieve lasting relief from these severe droughts we are experiencing.  Our patent pending systems were painstakingly designed with a chief aim of commercial scale production, placed in targeted areas of need, where up to 95% less water is used to cultivate crops.  The added benefit of truly locally grown, freshest-possible vegetables is amazing.



Proven after nearly 2 years of intense

R&D Growing, our farm Equipment is now in production. The most important ag advancement in 30 years. 

ALL GROWTRUCK     Container Farms INCLUDE:

  • The perfect growing environment for whatever you are growing. 
  • Each farm is custom designed for the particular application, and optimum growth and maximum harvest yields-- fully self-contained farms. 
  • If you are growing flowering plants, it is specifically designed for that.  If you are growing tomatoes, or even gourmet mushrooms, it is designed for that.
  • Horticulture Platforms have 3 distinct areas:  The Control Room, The Nursery, and the Flowering Room.
  • CO2 regulator for automatic level maintenance...Standard.
  • Ventilation Systems and fresh air exchange system for optimum air movement and healthy environment for growing the best plants possible.
  • Fully adjustable LED Lighting systems featuring advanced PAR spectrum that allows maximum light performance, and much lower monthly electric costs.
  • Nutrient Delivery Systems digitally controlled and optimized for water savings and fool-proof reliability.
  • Built-in Fire Suppression options.
  • Quick-disconnect power and water connections.
  • Fully self contained operation with optional on-board generator system.
  • Stainless Steel work areas. Non Slip Floors.  Worker Safety is engineered in.
  • All components are premium trusted brands, no matter what level you buy.


These are our premier growing platforms, and they include our patented design of powered Vertical Aeroponic equipment. They incorporate precision controlled spraying of nutrients in a soil-less growing system for maximum nutritionally dense plant growth performance. Unmatched in the industry at 40 healthy plants per square foot of actual farm area.

Indoor farming is growing, (no pun intended!) and the technology is advancing at a rapid pace.


Our co-founder has been developing and building a variety of high density indoor and outdoor hydroponic and aquaponic growing systems using unique techniques since 2007.  In 2010 he was recognized for his efforts in this area and was asked by a humanitarian organization to develop an indoor aquaponics system for a community in Haiti during the disaster relief effort after the major earthquake there.

This development then identified a real need in the agricultural and horticultural industry for better products and methods to bring the indoor food growing movement as close as possible to where it is needed.  This meant developing a commercial scale farm operation that is more affordable and more quickly productive than a traditional farm, or even an indoor farm done in a warehouse.  It would mean bringing the highest quality, freshest food possible to people in the most timely manner possible.

A major area of concern was that of Food Security.  Due to wide scale looting and vandalism after the Haiti disaster in 2010, our co-founder was asked to design systems that would provide much- enhanced security for the food.  This directly lead to the development of what we offer at GrowTrucks-- a complete spectrum of portable farms, to address these needs fully.

Why is a portable farm a great idea?  Portability allows you the total flexibility to place a commercial-scale vegetable or horticultural farm wherever you want to, or wherever it is needed.  It also gives you the ability to transport a living, working indoor farm for immediate sales of fresh crops, anywhere you need to be, anytime. The ultimate Farmers Market operation.

At GrowTrucks, a division of Indoor Farms of America, LLC, we have developed multiple patent pending growing environments to address many farming needs.  One of our portable farms is a completely turn-key (literally!) growing facility utilizing a versatile platform-- the Box Truck-- which we affectionately call The Farmers Market.  You CAN take the whole farm to market! 

Our Models "The 8590" and "The 6160" platforms offer quite simply the most plants in a portable farm that can be realistically grown for commercial sale, and our aeroponic system is superior to any other indoor farm product on the market.  Compare and we are confident you will agree.  Maximum growing density per square foot. Means Real ROI, whether you want to produce crops to earn an income, or you are an existing commercial user of large quantities of produce.

GrowTrucks offers the following configuration options for each style of farm we build:

GrowTrucks   -- a better way to grow!