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on crops growing in a production GrowTruck farm, in this case, a 40' shipping container.

automated rows ARE standard


First GrowTruck Comes to the East Coast!  June 2016, South Carolina

A Division of Indoor Farms of America, LLC

  • Patented Farm System: Box Truck, Semi Trailer, Freight Container.
  • The Max in Movable Indoor Grow Space: Model 8775 with Automated Rows
  • Modular and Stackable: Model 6825 Portable Aeroponic Container Farm
  • Premium Components-- Means long, durable operating life of our Farms.
  • The very latest growing technologies, unique designs for highest yields.

  Want to grow leafy greens, herbs, strawberries or peppers?

With 40 healthy plants per square foot growing each cycle, 

your farm will have the highest yields and be the most

cost-effective Indoor Agriculture equipment on the planet!

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Our Design-Build division. If you want to own or operate a large-scale indoor farm, Start Here.

Bringing back an American Icon to enhance a family's ability to sustain itself.

A mission unlike any other educational platform for K-12, we engage students in the key areas of STEM.

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We are based in Las Vegas, Nevada USA

GrowTrucks is a division of Indoor Farms of America, LLC

We use the best--So You Can Expect The Best Results from your GrowTRUCK.

Our own experience in agriculture, growing healthy crops, and the construction industry told us to do what we always have-- demand the best of ourselves, and others will appreciate that.

This philosophy is evident in every GrowTruck, and you will see that first hand when you own a patented GrowTruck mobile farm unit, whether as a Container Farm or Semi Trailer Farm platform.

  • Highest Indoor Growing Capacity possible. Patented.
  • Lower acquisition costs-- higher profitability for you.
  • Advanced Aeroponic systems-- low maintenance, easy to use.
  • Our Growing System uses up to 95% LESS WATER than      conventional soil farming.  Addresses Drought Issues.
  • No Pesticides, No Herbicides, organically grown foods.

The 3 Most Asked questions about our PATENTED AEROPONIC farms: