Watch this short video --on crops growing in a production 40' Container Farm.

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Strawberries Grown All Year Long!

Container Farm Financing Available

Our Design-Build division. If you want to own or operate a large-scale indoor farm, Start Here.

We use the best--So You Can Expect The Best Results from your GrowTRUCK.

Our own experience in agriculture, growing healthy crops, and the construction industry told us to do what we always have-- demand the best of ourselves, and others will appreciate that.

This philosophy is evident in every GrowTruck, and you will see that first hand when you own a patented GrowTruck mobile farm unit, whether as a Container Farm or Semi Trailer Farm platform.

The 3 Most Asked questions about our PATENTED AEROPONIC Container farms:


  Want to grow leafy greens, herbs, strawberries or peppers?

With 40 plant-sites per square foot growing each cycle, 

your farm will have the highest yields and be the most

cost-effective Container Farm on the planet!

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A mission unlike any other educational platform for K-12, we engage students in the key areas of STEM.

> Designed and Built to be economically    viable for the long term.

> Highest Yield Container Farm. Period.

> Built to provide many years of service.

> Patented farms are easy to operate.

> Aeroponics is the cleanest, healthiest      and fastest way to grow a plant.

> Amazing flavor of every thing you grow    in your container farm, every time.

> NET ZERO Water consumption is                available.

> OFF GRID Capable. If you need to

   operate your farm where electricity is  

   super expensive, this is the answer.

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We are based in Las Vegas, Nevada USA

GrowTrucks is a division of Indoor Farms of America, LLC